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BBC North West Tonight link – 26th April 2017

Please click on the link below to view and download the BFS Handbag Sale flyer.

Handbag sale donations

FBFS has been chosen by the local Co-ops to receive local community funding between now and November 2017. This is a fantastic opportunity to boost our funds which benefit pupils at the school and so far over £1,600 has been raised! You and your friends and families can also help by registering with the Co-op – – and nominating FBFS as your local cause.

On all Co-op branded purchases (including fuel, foods, funeral care, legal services, electrical goods) 1% will be donated to our funds and you yourself will receive 5% dividend to spend or save.

I would ask that you consider registering with and then using the Co-op if at all possible in order to boost our funds. With the monies raised we will be looking to kit out an IT suite with computers and dedicated software  which will enable our pupils to develop and use their  IT skills to their best advantage in our ever increasing technological world!