Off-site Opportunities

Bright Futures pupils enjoy a range of off-site learning and leisure opportunities.

Gardening is a popular activity and whilst we no longer have a greenhouse, we can still nurture and grow our own plants, herbs and vegetables using coldframes and other innovative methods.

Swimming is one activity that pupils enjoy on Friday afternoons as they wind down at the end of a busy week.

Work experience is a feature of the curriculum for our older pupils.  Weekly placements have included a Pet Supplies shop, a local butchers shop and Oldham Food Bank. One pupil was  a volunteer at Oldham Foodbank for  4 years and still attends now he has left school! Another pupil is currently working at the local RSPCA centre, cataloguing saleable items for their website. Two pupils currently help out at a local environmental project.

Cycling is offered on fine Friday afternoons during summer months using facilities at Alexandra Park in Oldham.

Fitness related activities are offered to pupils at  local gyms, led by school staff and a personal trainer.

Pupils regularly enjoy trampolining at a local centre and frequently visit local adventure parks and playgrounds in order to let off steam and explore the local facilities.

Looking after our chickens at the farm. We use their eggs in our cooking. Belle learns about dressmaking at the bridal shop