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Evaluation Report Music Therapy

Evaluation Report Music Therapy – July 2017

Evaluation Report Horse Riding

Evaluation Report Horse riding – March 2017

Social communication and Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans

This guide has been prepared by Friends of Bright Futures School to support parents in ensuring social communication needs and interventions for children and young people with autism are appropriately provided for in Education, Health and Care Plans.

The guide supports a series of training workshops and will look at:

  • The use of one social communication intervention, Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) in improving outcomes for children and young people with autism.
  • Understanding the Legal Framework: Education, Health and Care Plans and the new assessment process.
  • How do parents ensure that provision to meet social communication needs is included in the EHC Plan?
  • Making use of personal budgets and direct payments.
  • What to do if you need to challenge a decision.

It is aimed at parents of children and young people with autism and professionals who work with them.

Guide to social communication provision for EHC Plans

Social communication and EHC Plans: needs, provision, outcomes and targets

This document is a summary of how needs, provision, outcomes and targets relate to each other and where they should be documented in an EHCP. It gives some examples of possible social communication needs, provision, outcomes and targets.

Needs provision outcomes and targets

Example EHCP

This example EHCP shows possible social communication needs and identifies an RDI programme in both the home and school settings as the appropriate provision to meet the identified needs.

Long term outcomes (2/3 years) from the RDI programmes are anticipated and targets (in the appendix) break down the steps that will need to be mastered in order for the outcomes to be achieved.

Examples of health and social care needs, provision are also included. Aspirations and cognition and learning are not covered as these are outside the focus of this guide.

Example EHCP