We Welcome Contact From Both Parents & Professionals


Bright Futures School is registered with the Department for Education as a school providing for pupils aged 5 to 16 years.

School pupils will have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and a diagnosis of autism, social communication disorder or related developmental difficulty. They may well have good language skills but will have experienced difficulties in coping with the demands of other education settings. Parents will be seeking a school that provides a quiet environment, lots of personal 1:1 support and a different approach to learning.

We are currently full, and have a waiting list, but if you can  complete the form below with details of your child ,we will contact you to discuss further. Please email back to   or post to the school address in Greenfield.

First contact form 2021



We welcome informal contact from parents and professionals and we encourage visits to the school before making any decision to apply for a place at the school.  Requests for placements can be made by a parent or an LA, but the procedure outlined below must be followed.

Any Egress requests from LAs need to be sent to If they are sent to a different address, they may not be looked at.

Our admissions procedure

  1. School managers will review a child’s EHC plan and supporting documents.
  2. Parents or the LA make an appointment to bring the prospective pupil to school for an observation assessment in order for school managers to further assess the suitability of the pupil.
  3. In some circumstances, a brief assessment placement may also be needed where the child spends time in school to allow a specialised assessment of whether our school could meet needs.

All our places are now allocated for academic years Sept 2021 and September 2022 but we do have a waiting list for pupils to fill places vacated by our older pupils from September 2023 onwards.

If the above procedure is followed and BFS managers are of the view that the school can meet needs and the education of the prospective pupil is compatible with the education of current pupils, places are allocated on the basis of whichever family gains agreement from their LA to fund the place first. In some circumstances, a place may be held open for a prospective pupil for a short time to allow an LA to make a decision but this is at the discretion of school managers.

Fees are paid to Bright Futures School Limited by the Local Authority. We are not able to consider private funding.