Our History

Our School History

‘Bright Futures’ began as a small charity in 2007. It was created by a group of parents who were seeking improvements to the quality and range of services for children with autism.

In March 2010 Bright Futures secured a ‘start-up’ grant with which to develop ‘special school’ provision in partnership with Saddleworth Preparatory School but when that school closed a few weeks later it became necessary to start from scratch.

We were fortunate, in August 2010, to find premises in Grasscroft. In March 2011, the new school underwent a successful ‘material change’ Ofsted inspection with the outcome that Bright Futures School was registered with the DfE as a special school for children with autism.

In February 2020 we moved into our current school building, on Friezland Lane in Greenfield. The building was provided and funded by Robert Scott, after we had to leave our rented premise in Grasscroft as the property was to be sold.

School Holidays

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What People Say

Pupil, Matthew, age 13

“I was excluded a lot at my other school. They didn’t understand my autism. I felt like I was being punished for being autistic – but I can’t help it. I’ve never been excluded at Bright Futures and for the first time, I feel happy at school, doing all my lessons and I have friends.”

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